About Me

Bill Angresano


Born in Englewood, New Jersey. Attended Rutgers University. Served in the United States Marine Corps. After a period of corporate employment I studied with painters and began a successful career as an Illustrator. I have been a fine artist for the last 25 years. I am ever thankful for the blessing of being able to paint the natural world that inspires me as well as my strong desire to enoble the people I depict in my art. The Landscape, Figures, Portraits and Genre paintings make up the body of my work. I am the recipient of the Salmagundi Club’s award for Best Landscape by an Artist 45 years of Age in 1999 , the Frank Vincent Dumond Award for Excellence in Portraiture, the Knickerbocker Artists Honorable Mention for Portraiture and the Ogden Pleissner Memorial award for Watercolor. My artwork can be found in the Boxing Hall of Fame , The Bergen County Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Natural World Museum in California, and the Hajjar Collection along with numerous corporate and private collections. I have also produced many paperback book cover illustrations and have worked with some of the largest Advertising Agencies in the world. My Art is constantly evolving, being transformed and inspired by family and friends. 

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